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News, Fishing Reports, and Chamber Chat

If you have any news articles relevant to our community, or if you are a chamber member and would like to provide written content, news, or articles about your line of business, please contact us!


2017 Board and Director Nomination Time

Dear Members,

The Port O'Connor Chamber of Commerce's purpose is to promote the economic existence of our community. As you well know, Tourism is the main industry in our community, and we work to increase the prosperity by promoting our members' businesses, improving our civic environment and to create a better climate for attracting tourists to our area.

Our Board member election will be held at our Annual meeting (Christmas Party) on December 12, 2016. The Port O'Connor Chamber of Commerce elects 5 new incoming board members annually. This position is for a 2-year term, to commence in January, 2017. We are seeking nominations for new board members this year, as to replace the outgoing members. These nominees should exhibit a desire to serve, coupled with a desire to support the organization through committee activity and involvement in the events sponsored by the organization. We are looking for someone highly motivated, willing to attend monthly meetings, a community leader, and committed to the furtherance of the Chamber objectives.

If you, or someone you know, would like to be a member of our team, please provide the name and phone number below. Deadline for this nomination should be returned to the Chamber by December 1, 2016, as to allow us time to ensure this person accepts this nomination and understands the commitment we are looking for.

If you have any questions regarding the qualifications, activities, committee's or any other information, please feel free to contact us at any time at 361-983-2898. Please join us at our monthly meeting to see just what all we do. We are always looking for volunteers, even if you prefer not to be on the board. We look forward to seeing and hearing from you soon!!!

Please make your nomination HERE.

Port O'Connor Chamber of Commerce


1st Annual Trunk or Treat Winners!

The first annual Trunk or Treat was a great success.

Overall winner--Darla Parker and Michelle Davis
Runner Up--Hurricane Junction
Honorary--POC Coastguard

Thank you to all who came out and participated. Please post and share your pictures on Facebook if you have them.


Chamber Chat October 2016

First of all, "THANKS" to all that attended the dedication of the new pavilion at King Fisher Park to Calhoun County. Over the last several years the Chamber raised enough money thru events and volunteers to replace the old pavilion, which had seen better days and was about to fall to the ground. Many good times had been had there and now with the new one, it is big enough to have several get togethers at one time, and many memories to be made.

Thanks, to Pastor Martin & Brother Ernie, for their help in making this a special event. President of Chamber, Mary Jo Walker, then made the presentation to our County Commissioner, Mr. Finster. Followed by Deidra McCollum, representing "The Maiden Voyage Bombshell Blowout" this was the first year for this tournament, that was held at the pavilion, she presented Mary Jo a donation to the Chamber, this is appreciated, it will help with some of the events the chamber sponsors. Then everyone enjoyed delicious chili dogs & trimmings, made possible by Donnie Haynes, followed by cake to end a wonderful event.

Here it is time for the little "Trick or Treaters". This year the Chamber will sponsor "Trunk or Treat" vehicles will be lined down Park Street along King Fisher Park. Everyone welcome, the more the bigger and better the event will be. Mary Francis Bauer, the chairperson is hoping to make it a little safer for the youngsters. Vehicles will be decorated, the best will be presented with a prize. Looking forward to a good turnout, then the spooks can go on their way, this will follow the Halloween Carnival at the school.

On November the 12th,the community will come together,the Port O'Connor Service Club, Library and Chamber will be hosting a Bar BQ Cookoff with other events, see adds & flyers in the DolphinTalk,of all that will be going on. The Chamber is proud to be part of this, the proceeds will be added to the Library Fund to build a new Library, as we've outgrown the present one. So bring the family out and make a day of it at the POC Community Center area.

Next Chamber Meeting, November 14th, 6:30 p.m., POC Community Center

Renewed Members:
Back Bay Guide Service



Fishing Report Early October 2016

It's Red October! No Port O'Connor is not joining any communist revolution, it is red-FISH October.

October is largely regarded as one of the best months to snag reds, the older adults or 'bull reds' come closer to the bays for spawning, often influenced by stormy weather.

There is no better time to catch a bull-red near the gulf beach.

In the last couple of weeks - both trout and redfish are good in the surf, and redfish at the big jetty. Near shell and grass in the bays trout are fair on soft plastics. In soft mud areas both trout and redfish are good on topwaters. In the back lakes topwaters or live shrimp are fair for catching trout and redfish.

Pic: Madden loves catching nice redfish!


Fishing Report Early September 2016

We are in the last half of summer but we are fast approaching what many redfish anglers consider the best time of year in Port O'Connor. We are in a transitory period until October - is isn't called Red October for nothing. Meanwhile our town remains a nice getaway where there is a cool gulf breeze unlike inland areas of Texas, and the fish are aggressive and active as ever.
Pic Jason Agrove catching Sheepshead on fly!

Trout and redfish are good at the jetty on live bait. Trout and redfish are fair to good on topwaters and live bait over sand, grass and shell in San Antonio Bay. Trout and redfish are fair for drifters working the back lakes with live shrimp and small topwaters.


Chamber Chat August 2016

As everyone knows the summer of 2016 has been quite fantastic and busy time in Port O'Connor. The building of new homes and businesses seems to be steady, I see trucks of timbers and lumber coming into POC every week and while going down the road I see new structures going up, which means our little community is growing. This growth keeps Port O'Connor economy growing. I hope to see the new comers getting involved in the many events and the betterment of what's going on here.

Back in March the yearly membership applications were mailed out, as of now some 2015 members have not renewed for 2016, these will be removed from the website. If you are not sure of your status, please check with us. The Chamber is here to help promote this wonderful community.

November 12th the POC Service Club along with Friends of the Library are teaming up with the POC Chamber to raise funds or the new Library building fund. Now is the time to get involved, many activities will be going on. There will be a Bar-B-Q Cookoff along with vendors at this all day family event. Come join us and get involved, be part of making things happen.


Fishing Report July 2016

Although we've had an extremely humid summer the gulf breeze has been steady and cooling for at least the last few weeks. Rain is not coming until next week, and we've not had much since early June; the water is finally less brackish.

Trout and redfish are good at the jetty on live bait. Trout and redfish are fair to good on topwaters and live bait over sand, grass and shell in San Antonio Bay. Trout and redfish are fair for drifters working the back lakes with live shrimp and small topwaters.


Fishing Report Mid-June 2016

The summer season is kicking off with productive fishing in most cases. Late May and Early June were especially good, although the weather has not been particularly cooperative. Pressure variances caused redfish and trout to bite several hours before incoming storms even in places right around town such as Boggy Bayou.
Pic left: Boggy Bayou is a popular location for kayak and wade fishing due to calm waters and can often result if good catches liek this speckled trout.

Some anglers have complained about the extremely high tide which causes fish to spread out; the redfish were thriving deep in the flats were some people are reluctant to go. Water levels have stabilized as of mid-june.

With the Disney World alligator incident in Florida all over the news networks many people are concerned about the gators in our area. Alligators are nothing new in this area, and many people forget or take for granted that they are here and have always been here. The more people that enjoy this area (as is the case in summer time) the more gator sighting there will be. It is important to not inadvertently feed them your fish-cleaning scraps if you clean your fish near a public use area such as the beach. Gators tend to avoid humans and are very shy unless there is an easy meal incentive. Here are some really good myths and facts about alligators: Common Myths and the Truth about Alligators

Trout and redfish are good on topwaters and live bait over sand, grass and shell. Trout and redfish are fair for drifters working the back lakes with live shrimp. Trout are good while wading shorelines near the jetty.


June 2016 Chamber Chat

The months are flying by, now the Memorial Day events have come and gone. The Chamber wants to "THANK" Donnie Klesel and his helpers for making the Annual Kids Fishing Tournament a success, also to James & Shirley Harper along with Ronnie Ragusin and their helpers for making the Kite Contest a success. The weather held out for the weekend, so many people turned out to enjoy the day at King Fisher Park. The 2015-2016 school year has come to an end, each year the Chamber gives 2-$500.00 scholarships, the recipient's this year is Robyn Stringo and Miranda Stringo Congratulations girls.

By the time the next paper comes out the Annual Fireworks Display will have passed.This year it will be held on July 2nd.Hope you have made your plans for one of the Biggest & Best displays along the Gulf Coast. If you haven't made a donation and want to, there are Donation boxes at most local businesses. Also may pay online as donation, please add that donation is for 4th. Also during the Poco Fishing Tournament, July 14-16 a Poco Fest Musical Festival will be held at POC Fishing Center area, you can go to to purchase your tickets along with the line-up of bands playing and other information. Everyone have a fun filled and safe summer in POC.

Next Chamber meeting will be July 11th at 6:30 p.m. at POC Community Center.

New and Renewed Memberships:

Backwater Marine Service
Barnes Apprisal
Robbie & Marie Hawes
LBK Photography
La June Pitonyak
Vantage Marine
Judge Nancy Pomykal
Fountain of Youth Medical Spa
Scales & Tales Guide Service
Craig & Suzanne Williams
Jason & Jennifer Hagan
John & Francis Hamm
S & J R.V. Hookups
Sylvia's Hair Salon
Poco Fest,LLC
Port O'Connor Offshore Assoc,Inc.
POC Rod & Gun
Gerald Clay & Karen Knight

-LaJune Pitonyak


Early May 2016 Fishing Report

Water levels are higher this time of year due to prevailing southeast winds pushing the water into the gulf. Water temps are finally approaching 80 degrees. It has been very windy, however the fishing has been good everywhere!
Picture left is on the edge of Pringle Lake looking south towards Matagorda Island

Both red and black species of drum are hungry for crab at the big jetties, live shrimp or mullet for reds on the POC Jetties. Trout are biting over shell and grass on soft plastics. Most of the trout and redfish are being caught easily in waist deep water.


Cannon at POC Library

Everyone loves a good mystery. Matagorda Bay has a lot of undocumented history; wild stories that were never told are par for the course when it comes to shipwrecks. Many people are unaware of this, but if you go to the Port O'Connor Library and bother to glance over a table of books you will see, modestly sitting there, an early 19th century cannon. A carronade technically; which is a slightly shorter, but close range and powerful cannon.

This is not to be confused with the infamous wreck of the La Belle (found later, this wreck was found in 1998), one of the french explorer LaSalle's ships from about a century earlier. This is a more recent wreck from a very interesting period of time on the gulf coast. Archeologists know that the cannon was manufactured in England in the late 18th century. The ship was a smaller sailing vessel, probably something like a fast schooner, and it carried lots of small arms, muskets, and ammunition, as if transporting (even using) those weapons for a very specific purpose.

There has been no absolute positive identification for this vessel, but the weapons found were in circulation as early as 1815. During that time there was merchant traffic all along the gulf coast from all over the world making the runs from Vera Cruz, Havanna, New Orleans, and a myriad of small outposts, settlements, and presidios in Texas. There was banditry, piracy, and revolutions, especially the Texas revolution.

One ship in particular, the Hannah Elizabeth out of New Orleans, was running guns for the Texas troops at Goliad, but had to evade a Mexican brig of war, and is believed to have wrecked in Pass Cavallo in November of 1835. This is most likely where this carronade came from. Of course there was so much dangerous activity in the area in the early 19th century that was never documented, from the privateering and piracy to gun-running and smuggling, arming your ship with a carronade would have been a must.

What other mysteries and untold stories could be hiding in Matagorda Bay? Stop by the Port O'Connor Library to see this intriguing piece of history!


Chamber Chat - April 2016

Hope everyone's Easter was a beautiful one. If you missed the Sunrise Service, it was a wonderful experience, a glorious morning , service and the cinnamon rolls always furnished by Cathy's Restaurant was the best ever.

Now is the time to start gearing up for our 4th Annual Crawfish Festival, looking forward to this being the best yet, with all many, many vendors, cooking teams and all sorts of activities, come out and join in this fun filled family event, make sure to bring plenty of sunscreen.

Thanks so much to the ones that have joined the Chamber for 2016, we are here to help promote your businesses and our community. If you can think of ideas to further the future of Port O'Connor, please attend the meetings.

Thanks to Susan Braudaway for sharing her pictures with everyone on our Facebook page. Most enjoy pictures of our little community, especially people that can't get here as often as they would like.

New & Renewed Memberships

Joe & Vera Wiatt
Capt. Kirk Morgan
Double H Guide Service
B B Services
Family Affair Creations
The Inn at Clark's
Unlimited Logos
Hammertime Guide Service
John & Judy Barry
Carl Ray Boat Stalls
Dolphins by the Bay R.V.Park
Mary Ann Claiborne
Carol Fox
R & R Guide Service
Shane & Kathy Simon
Mr. & Mrs. Allan Ray Berger Jr
. Bits & Marge Braudaway
Port O'Connor Rentals
Coastal Boat Services
Bob Bonar/ State Farm
Jimmy & Barbara Crouch
Virgil & Ursula Price
Warriors Weekend
Capt. Tom Horbey
First National Bank
Urban Surveying, Inc.
The Two R. V. Park
Jack's Car Wash
Castem and Catchem Guide Service

And I have a correction from last listing, I had Bill Wheeler, correct name is Captain Larry Wheeler. May meeting will be on the 9th at 6:30 p.m. in meeting room of Port O'Connor Community Center.


About Sailing in Port O'Connor

Port O'Connor is already well known for its fishing, recreational boating, and paddling or kayaking with the recent refinements to the Port O'Connor Paddle Trail. The other great recreational activity (that was once this area's life blood until the late 19th century) is sailing.

It is not emphasized as much as few locals are very familiar with sailing, which falls to visitors who are not as familiar with the waters. However sailing in Matagorda Bay or the back bay system is as good as it gets on the Gulf Coast for all types of sailing.

This part of the gulf coast has very consistent prevailing winds. Further north the winds are weaker and less consistent, further south they are a bit stronger. If you've spent any time here you will have noticed that prevailing winds are from the southeast. In spring and summer you may have also noticed that the winds are strongest in the afternoon, kicking into high-gear at about noon. The reason is because as the land heats, the air pressure drops. The air over the gulf water is cooler; it rushes into the land as the day goes on. The greater the differential between cool gulf air and warm land (seen mostly in spring) the stronger the southeast wind.

Large, deep keel sailboats are not that useful in the shallow areas of the back bays or Espiritu Santos Bay, although they certainly can sail all over the expansive Matagorda Bay. Sailing craft such as catamarans, sunfish, butterflies, smaller sailing dingies, sail-boards/windsurfers, or the author's Adventure Island sail-yak are especially great here. You can easily plan a camping trip anywhere on Matagorda Island or the islands nearby via small sail-craft. Because of the sailboat's relative quiet you will see more fish and wildlife, especially dolphins which have a tendency to escort any small sailboat they see.

If you are an experienced sailor you understand how important navigation is, especially if your destination is somewhere into the prevailing winds. The questions to ask yourself are how shallow can your sail-craft go? Does the sail-craft have an alternative means of propulsion such as paddling or motoring; and if not is there sufficient room to tack?

Of course the most popular destination is somewhere on Matagorda Island. To reach it most sailboats can enter Matagorda Bay, sail northeast towards Matagorda Peninsula, and then tack back into the direction of the Island. Something similar can be done in Espiritu Santos bay. Coming back to town is fast and easy (with some faster boats making it back to town in about 30 minutes in south winds).

In yellow would be a good route to the newly formed Saturday Beach, J-Hook, or Sunday Beach, in green is a route to the island campsite not far from the Matagorda Island lighthouse, and in red is a route to Magnolia beach, with a return route on a tack.

If you are into sailing, or know someone who is, keep this town in mind for some form of sailing trip or activity. Perhaps some day Port O'Connor will host sailing events in some form; it certainly has all the right things for a regatta. In June the annual Texas 200 regatta, a 200 mile sailing event from Port Isabel to Magnolia Beach, passes through Port O'Connor on the final leg of the trip.

For more information about sailing routes contact Alan @ Dolphin Kayak and click here for information on the Great Texas 200 Sailing Regatta


Chamber Chat - March 2016

THANKS to everyone that has renewed their 2016 Chamber membership. The applications were mailed the 1st of March. If you would like to join the Chamber and didn't receive an application go to and join by payment to paypal or give us a call 361-983-2898, the Chamber sponsors several events thru the year, and needs everyone that's interested in the betterment of the community to get involved.

Here we are into March and Spring Breakers are on their way. We hope all of you have a great and safe time in POC and it being Spring Break means summer is just around the corner. We are looking toward having a busy and prosperous year. If any of the Business Members have a flyer, add or just a business card and want your business advertised, please email to Chamber and we will get it put on Facebook and give you an extra plug on the website, along with emails. The Chamber's job is to promote businesses and community. The 4th Annual Crawfish Festival and Cookoff will be held April 30th, 2016, let's make it the Biggest and Best, just email Darla you would like to be involved.

Also if you have live in Port O'Connor and have a senior graduating in 2016, now is the time to fill out Chamber Scholarship Application.

New and Renewed Members
Michael & Peggy Macha
POC Hardware & Supply
Siegeler Insurance Agency, Inc.
Gerald & Virginia Lichac
Tom & Pat Ekstrom
Scales & Tales Guide Service
James Vass
Sonny's Marine
American Inn and Suites
Joe & Susan Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Vaughn
Donald & Carolyn Goldman
Bugman of Weinar, Inc.
Tigrett Real Estate
Arnold & Keiko Gordon
Bubba's Smoked Meats
Larry & Sharilyn Carroll
Russell Brhlik & Chyrl Lowe
Captain Bill Wheeler Guide & Historian
Ricki & Francey Mc Kinney
Middleton Outdoor Advertising Co, Inc.
Steve & Cherise Branch
Texas Saltwater Fishing Magazine
Senator Lois Kolkhorst


Fishing Report - March 2016

Early spring on the coast; temperatures are delightful, winds are breezy to strong nearly every day often blowing through the night until early morning when it slows for about five hours before ramping up again.

Our town is a little boom-town in march as spring breakers in the form of both college students and families with kids are visiting. The modern college kid is a bit more intellectual and curious than those of even fifteen years ago, they are a little more interested in eco-tourism than intoxication. It indicates that somehow we are doing good work teaching our youth how to be stewards of the grand ecology that ultimately sustains us, and Port O'Connor is the perfect place to gain understanding about this.

For fishing, bait fish and shrimp are hopping everywhere! Trout and redfish are good on plastics and topwaters over soft mud in waist-deep water, and fair for drifters working the back lakes with live shrimp. Also, black drum are fair to good at the big ship channel jetty on crabs.

Remember this is a very important time of year for migratory birds, which are now coming all the way up from central America, the Caribbean, and even South America on the central flyway. Many of these birds have long memories just like us, and they know Port O'Connor is a nice spring break destination to stop off and rest, or stay for a while after a long journey!


Chamber Chat February 2016

At the January Chamber of Commerce meeting there were discussions of 2016 events. The 4th Annual Crawfish & Cook off Festival will be held on April 30th. There has been a meeting for volunteers, if you missed it and would like to help, contact us. And thanks to the one's that has given of their time to help with all of the events. Without the volunteers these events would not be possible. Also If you would like to enter the cook off or if you would like to be a vendor, go to home page of our website for information.

It's been quite an ordeal, but the new pavilion project is coming closer to being completed. Mike Clifton has been a real life saver, by donating his time and experience to make the 6 new picnic tables with benches for the community to enjoy at all the functions. The Chamber asks that people please respect the tables and if you should see someone damaging them, report it. The electrical work for pavilion is next project, hopefully to be completed by Spring Break.

If you are a member of Chamberand have a special event or news of your business that you would like emailed out, please contact us.

-La June


New King Fisher Beach Pavilion Improvements!

The Port O'Connor Chamber of Commerce is very happy to have another phase completed on the new pavalion, with a financial donation from one of our supporters for materials, and with Mike Clifton volunteering his time and knowledge for building the new tables, this will be an advantage for years to come, many reunions and get togethers and events in the future. Hoping everyone will use these with respect, so they will last longer.


Fishing Report - Mid-January 2016

It's been a wet winter here in Port O'Connor but not a very harsh one so far. We are blessed not to have to deal with blizzards like the one currently ravaging the east coast.

Duck season has been very strong here with hunting parties going out almost every day even in bad weather. This is the last day of a long and productive duck season (as of January 24th). Other forms of hunting this winter will continue...see all season details here:

Texas Coast winter fishing has its ups and downs. Fish are not as aggressive or mobile in cooler water, and with lower water levels (often driven by variants of north or west winds) means areas of the back bays and lakes are not as accessible. However this can work to an angler's advantage; redfish, trout, and flounder will stack up in very specific mud-flats or mud-holes.

Trout and redfish are fair to good on Corkies over soft mud in waist deep water, and fair for drifters working the back lakes with live shrimp.

-Alan Raby


Chamber Chat - January 2016

The Chamber was excited to invite everyone to the December meeting, held at the Sanctuary and decorated by our volunteer Laurie Junek. It was a really nice turn out and enjoyed by all. Pictured are the 2016 directors, this group hopes to work together to meet challenges in the upcoming year.

Plaques were presented to the Christmas Lighting winners along with, waking up with signs in their yards.

On behalf of the Port O'Connor Chamber of Commerce we would like to express our gratitude to all the POC Chamber Outdoor Christmas Lighting Contest entrants both residential and commercial. Participation was up this year and it showed in the nice displays throughout town. We also express our heartfelt thanks to our judges, we couldn't have done it without you!

Contest Winners are:

Best Commercial- Teresa's Nail Salon
Best Spirit - Jerry & Cathy Osborn
Most Decorated-Sherry Roberds
Most Unique - Bernie Klein
Best Christmas Theme - Scott & Tiffany Brown
Best Coastal Theme-Robbie & Marie Hawes
Best Religious Theme- Billy & Margaret Ragusin
Best Overall - Robbie & Marie Hawes

The Chamber is looking for many more people to get involved in what's happening in our community, it takes everyone working together. February meeting will be on the 8th, 6:30p.m. in meeting room of Port O'Connor Community Center.

New & Renewed Members:

Mr. Doyle Adams
10th Street Lodge
Hailey Lane R.V.Park
Cindy & Chris Hanson
Costa Bonita Properties,LLC
Hunter Junek
Kati May
Allen & Laurie Junek
Junek Tax Consulting
Dawn Ragusin
Vasquez Construction & Remolding
Robert & Patricia Strong
Roger & Karen Krause
Ladd & Petra Hockey

PS: Hats off to Sharon Sanders and her elf's for decorating and keeping watch on the Christmas Lights at King Fisher Beach, fantastic job!!!!



Chamber Chat - Mid-December 2015

By the time you read this, the Annual Chamber Christmas Party will be over and done with, so we certainly hope you attended this annual get together, it's the Chamber's way of saying "THANK YOU" for being part of our community. At this meeting, the election for 2016 directors will be held, so next paper we will announce the new directors and officers. The Chamber accomplished some wonderful things in 2015 and looks forward to finishing up some of the projects in 2016.

New & Renewed Memberships:
Jon Daniel
Donnie Haynes
Power Tools with Thread
Steve Ferguson
Mr. & Mrs. Fishbeck

A big "THANKS" goes to Sharon Sanders and her helpers for the beautiful job they did with decorating King Fisher Park. Also we appreciate all the entries in our Christmas Lighting Contest. MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!

-La June


Fishing Report - Mid-December 2015

Early winter in Port O'Connor has a rhythm! We get periods of paradise for days at a time punctuated by a couple of days of chilly, windy northers sometimes accompanied by rain.

Of course duck hunters and fishermen know how to take advantage of the periods of paradise fully. During these times of paradise the water is calm, the weather is cool, and all is serene on the bay.

Trout and redfish are fair on Corkies over soft mud in waist-deep water. Trout and redfish are fair for drifters working the back lakes with live shrimp and topwaters. Redfish are good at the mouths of drains.


Fishing Report - Mid-November 2015

It's a delightful time of year in POC! The 'northers' are becoming more frequent. When this happens things cool off but are not cold yet; it's quite pleasant.

We are in the midst of the 'little' duck season which until November 29th, with the serious season starting on December 12th. Although other migratory bird species have passed through, not so much for ducks. They will be here as stronger northers push them down and the lakes or ponds in the north become uncomfortable for them.

We have had some on and off red-tide this fall. The fish-killing algae bloom has mostly affected open water areas such as the gulf beach and the shorelines of larger bays. This has not seriously affected fishing in the back bays, bayous, and lakes.

Trout are fair on sand and grass humps on soft plastics and topwaters. Redfish are fair on live shrimp. Bull redfish are good at the jetty on crabs, mullet and shad.


Fishing Report - Late October 2015

We've had a great October for fishing. It is true that we have had some heavy weather, but every person I have talked to about fishing has had multiple catches, from at least one red to limiting out on red's and trout.

We will continue to have perfect conditions for red and black drum into November. The strong northers will likely continue to come every week or two. Simply keep safety in mind when we get winds over 20 mph before getting out on the bay. Remember that Thanksgiving holiday is a delight to celebrate in Port O'Connor!

Also keep in mind that on top of the lunar tides, Port O'Connor has wind-driven water levels. The tides are not affected much when the wind is directly from the south or north-northeast. Variations of east will push more water into the bay close to town from the gulf and yield high water levels. Variations of west will push water out of the bay; especially northwest, and yield low water levels. Any tropical storm activity in the gulf will give us high water levels (often very high).

Bull redfish are good at the jetty on crabs, mullet and shad. Trout are good on the reefs in San Antonio Bay on live shrimp and soft plastics.

Checkout this awesome video representing a perfect aerial view of our town!


Chamber Chat - October 2015

Dear 2015 Members of the Port O'Connor Chamber of Commerce:

In December of this year the Chamber will be electing several new members to our Board of Directors. There will be 5 positions open for nomination. Terms are for 2 years. If you are someone whose experiences and involvement would be an asset to our organization, we hope you will consider becoming a nominee. The Chamber is entering a challenging and exciting time, as economic pressures in our community increase and the demand for our services continue to rise.If you have any questions or would like your name added to ballot, contact Donnie Also it would be wonderful if you could come to the November meeting get acquainted and meet everyone and become involved in the community.

Also it's not too early to start thinking about the Annual Lighted Boat Parade. This along with the Toy Run has become a spectacular event of the year. So start planning on how you want to decorate your boat entry. We are looking forward to a fantastic parade.

If you missed the Ribbon Cutting for Salt Blossom, it was a great event. Thanks goes out to Beverly & Mike for the great reception. The shop is open Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 10-6. Stop in and visit and check out their inventory.

November meeting will be on the 9th,6:30 pm at POC Community Center.

New Member: Britton & Susan Braudaway

- LaJune Pitonyak


Fishing Report - October 2015

Red(fish) October is here! October is often referred to as the very best time of year to fish in Port O'Connor. The black drum will be running very soon, the red fish are extremely active, and the weather is perfect for fishing.

The last few weeks have given us some extremely pleasant mornings with afternoons sometimes feeling like summer lingering. Unlike summer, there are no longer 'crowds' storming Speedy Stop before buzzing into the ICW in a race to get out into the bay. It is far more low-key now, reminding us that POC is still somewhat of a secret.

Reports of catches are numerous, although sometimes on the small side; this is going to change as the maturing reds make their adult migration into the gulf, and the bull reds come into the bays for spawning.

Trout and redfish are good for drifters working the back lakes with live shrimp. Redfish are good in the surf and at the jetty on mullet, croakers and piggy perch. Trout are good over reefs on live bait in San Antonio Bay.


Chamber Chat - September 2015

The Chamber wants to "THANK" Russell Cain Real Estate and POC Rentals for furnishing the Larry Joe Taylor Band at King Fisher Park on September the 5th for everyone to enjoy at King Fisher Park. Everyone I talked to said it was a great performance.

As you can see, once school starts, things in Port O'Connor begin to slow down. I think it's been a terrific summer, in fact I believe this has been one of the most outstanding years ever. The Chamber hopes everyone had a great and remembered trip to our community.

This is a place to come and relax and recharge before going back to the city life. There's not many places left that has the life style of Port O'Connor, I'm so fortunate to live in this little community and I think the local residents feel this way.

This area has so much history, Port O'Connor has an amazing past and so does Matagorda Island, last year I received an email and story that had been published in a Dallas paper about the Islands of the Oil Kings this is an amazing article. More history than I could have ever imagined.

The October meeting will be on the 12th at 6:30 p.m. in meeting room of the POC Community Center. Looking forward to seeing you there!!!

New & Renewed Members
POC Rod & Gun
Darla Parker

-La June Pitonyak


Fishing Report - Early September 2015

We've had some mild northers' which have made for some exquisitely pleasant days for early September. A bit of rain here and there (but not too much) is keeping the bays in a healthy and natural state, which is a grassy wetland and habitat for many species - a strong ecology makes for great fishing!

The fish are hungry! We've had reports of many red and trout catches. It seems that closer to town most of these catches, although fun and numerous, are a bit on the small side. Very soon bull reds and drum will start to run, some leaving the bay to start their life as an adult, and others coming into the bay to lay their eggs or spawn.

Bull redfish are good in the surf and at the jetty on natural baits. Trout and redfish are fair for drifters working the back lakes with live shrimp.

-Alan Raby


Fishing Report - Late-August 2015

There was a LOT of rain punctuated by heavenly weather over the past week and a half. It looks like the forecast is clearing in time for the weekend!

The fishing has been good! The trout seem to be hungry and the redfish are busy!

Bull redfish are good in the surf and at the jetty on natural baits. Trout and redfish are fair for drifters working the back lakes with live shrimp.

This coming weekend should be a good one if you are fishing or just lounging on the beach. Larry Joe Taylor will be singing at KF beach, and the vendor show will be happening at the POC community center.


Chamber Chat - August 2015


Port O'Connor has had a very prosperous 2015, It has been an outstanding summer, but with school beginning in the next few weeks, things will begin slowing down. There are several Fishing Tournaments in Sept. & Oct. but nothing like June, July & August, I hear that fishing has been outstanding this year, this really makes every ones trips to POC enjoyable.

I don't know how many people drive down to King Fisher Park and enjoy the sights, they are amazing, the new pavilion seems to be getting a lot of use, with reunions and fishing tournaments, now new additions are the basketball goals on the new concrete pad, new bar-b-q grills have replaced some older ones, THANKS to POC Sports Association for purchasing the goals and THANKS to POC Service Club for purchasing a bicycle rack and installing on a concrete pad, and also purchasing 2 dog stations. The community certainly can be proud of all the accomplishments this year so far.

If you have been so busy that you forgot to remit your 2015 Chamber membership, please do so by Sept. 1st., as this is the date that non-members will be removed from the website.

Have a great month--The September meeting will be on the 14th at 6:30 p.m. at Port O'Connor Community Center.

New & Renewed Members:
Vantage Marine
Judge Nancy Pomykal
Kelly Parks Guide Service

-Lajune Pitonyak


Fishing Report - Mid-August 2015

Summer has been fantastic! Light breezes are keeping things cool near the water. Good fishing can be had almost anywhere as long as you get out early enough and a little positivity goes a long way to good fishing.

Trout and redfish are fair to good on topwaters and live bait over sand, grass and shell. Trout and redfish are fair for drifters working the back lakes with live shrimp. Trout are good in the surf and at the jetty. Also some luck has been reported for trout using spoons over sand in the back bays.


July Wrap-Up and Fishing Report - July 2015

July has been hot; luckily every day there has been a ten to fifteen mph gulf breeze which cools things down on the water or beach. Even after the Poco Bueno fishing tournament every weekend has been a buzz with fishermen and other vacationers enjoying a great summer.

Poco Bueno fishing tournament results can be found here.

Kayaking enthusiasts are becoming far more numerous as word has gotten out about how Port O'Connor is such a great kayaking venue this year. On very short notice over twenty people (17 kayaks with some two-seaters) showed up for the Full Moon Night paddle last Friday from the POC Jetties to Boggy Bayou.

The fishing has been about average for this time of year, however there seems to be an abundance of blue crabs, not only locally but all along the coast. Blue crabs (not only delicious to humans) are very high on the menu for black drum and redfish.

Trout and redfish are good on live bait over sand, grass and shell in the back bays. Trout are good while wading near the jetty on topwaters and soft plastics. Kingfish and tuna are good offshore.

Photos below are from the Full Moon kayak paddle (left) and Cody Moore of Liberty Hill, TX with a bull shark.

-Alan Raby - Dolphin Kayak and Water Sports


Port O'Connor Chamber Chat - July 2015

Here it's the middle of July, all the "BOOMS" have come and gone. Seems every year the 'Annual Fireworks Display' gets bigger & better, I think it would be surprising if we knew just how many people come from near and far to enjoy this event each year. The Chamber wants to say a big "THANK YOU" to people that make this possible with their DONATIONS, no donation is too small or large, without you there would be no show!!! Thanks goes out to everyone that helps to put this on, a lot of you go unnamed, but you know you are a big part of this, THANKS to the volunteers that make this event possible.

Our community has been very busy this summer,by the time this paper comes out again, school will be starting and business will be slowing down once again. There have been calls asking if there will be a Labor Day Bash for 2015, and the answer is there is not one scheduled for this year.

The Chamber appreciates all the Fishing Tournaments that has promoted business for our community, along with the upcoming tournaments.

If you have a flier for a Tournament, email to and it will be sent out to our email list, if you are not on our email list and would like to receive our emails, please let us know.

Next meeting will be August 10, 2015 --6:30 p.m.--POC Community Center--Everyone is invited.

New & Renewed Members --I apologize I missed a couple last issue--
Cathy's Restaurant
Middleton's Advertising
Hammertime Guide Service
Larry & Beverly Hedtke
Tom & Pat Ekstrom
B & B Upholstery, LLC
Dolphin Kayak & Water Sports
Salt Blossom



July News Update and Fishing Report - July 2015

This has been an extremely active July; the busiest time of the year in POC. The fireworks display was the best we have ever had! As usual thousands of people came to watch from the beach, the town, from boats on the water, and even from Matagorda Peninsula or The Island.

The gulf breeze this month has been mild to moderate making a normally seething July far more tolerable. Water levels are following a normal lunar tide cycle for this time of year; flats and shallow bayous easily accessible with the high tide, with proper timing they can be explored or fished.

Also San Antonio Bay Partnership, the Chamber of Commerce, and Texas Parks and Wildlife celebrated the 'official' expansion of the Port O'Connor Paddling Trail. Several new routes and trail markers (which were added winter of last year) are now published on TPWD literature, and a new information kiosk has been installed at the POC Jetties. The ribbon cutting ceremony took place on July 9th, and free kayak lessons were provided by Dolphin Kayak, our local kayak livery. We now have the most vast and complex official paddling trail on the Texas coast!

July is far from over with several fishing tournaments, events, and summer fun to come. The Cula Roja fishing tournament just took place this past weekend. The world class Poco Beuno offshore fishing tournament is starting July 15th of this week! It will go on into Sunday July 19th. After that the Lone Star Shootout offshore tournament starts on Tues July 21st and goes through Sunday July 26th.

As ar as fishing, most trout and redfish activity has been 'fair' in the bay with some luck on topwaters and live bait over sand, grass and shell. Trout are fair to good in the surf and at the jetty on croakers and topwaters.

Mike Hessong took some excellent photos of the firworks display, click the picture left


Fishing Report - Late June 2015

Port O'Connor made it through Tropical Storm Bill almost completely unscathed. The flooding and extra fresh water did impact the fishing after the storm. Unlike Galveston and Corpus Christi Bays, which had to deal with severe run-off, the Matagorda Bay system is very fluid and the water recycles quickly; the fishing is already back to normal. The wind has been light (for June), and every venue of fishing, from offshore, to kayak, to fly-fishing is popular at this time.

Trout and redfish are fair to good on topwaters and live bait over sand, grass and shell near Pass Cavallo. Trout and redfish are fair at the mouths of the back lakes on the outgoing tide on live shrimp.

-Alan Raby of Dolphin Kayak and TPWD


Chamber Chat - June 2015

Gosh nearly half 2015 has passed us by...
The 2015 Annual Kid's Fishing Tournament had a good turnout of children, even with the threatening weather over head. I understand there was over 40 contestants and the Kite Contest was also able to be held with a good turnout also. Please read the separate articles on these events.

Now for the Best & Biggest Fireworks Display ever, coming July 4th. Hoping you have made your plans, and can't stress enough for everyone to stay safe on this very busy weekend.

A reminder if you have not submitted your 2015 membership application & dues, these were due in April, and unfortunately if your are not a member we cannot give out information on your business, missing 1 customer will pay for your yearly dues, so if you need an application give us a call. The Chamber is for you.
If you would like to be added to our address book, please email 361-983-2898. Next meeting will be July 13th-6:30 p.m. Meeting room at Community Center.

New & Renewed Members:
Cliff Blank Rentals - Commercial & Residential
The Two R.V. Park
Sylvia's Hair Salon
S & J R.V. Hook-ups
June's Pickup & Delivery & Wash & Fold

Have a look at some of the recent photos from tropical storm Bill!

-LaJune Pitonyak


Fishing Report - Mid June 2015

We've had a great kickoff to summer this June. The weather has been mild and comfortable. All the brown and freshwater that plagued the bay in May has subsided; no more torrential downpours.

Our weekends this time of year in POC start on Thursday, as people will do anything to get their fishing in early. Bait fish are extremely abundant and the trout and reds are eating them up. Lately people have been able to snag very nice redfish in Boggy and from the POC Jetties, while trout have also been very active even into mid-day.

Trout are good on sand and grass humps on Bass Assassins, Down South Lures, Gamblers, croakers and topwaters. Redfish are fair on topwaters and live shrimp. Trout are good at the big jetties and in the surf on croakers and live shrimp.
Photo left by Susan Coker Spoor


Fishing Report - Early June, Late May 2015

With Spring coming to a close the terrible weather and storms have subsided into mild to warm temperatures and relatively light winds. We had a lot of brown water last week due to the rain, and fish were scattered.

Now the water is clearing, water levels are medium high, and we are getting a healthy inflow of gulf water. The weather is perfect for fishing. Keep in mind the fish might change their eating habits with the recent changes in weather, but for the last two weeks this has been the pattern.

Trout and redfish are good on topwaters and live bait over sand, grass and shell, and in the back lakes trout and redfish are fair for drifters working with live shrimp. June is off to a great start!


Chamber Chat - May 2015

The Crawfish Festival is behind us now and was enjoyed by hundreds. So mark your calendars for the 1st Saturday in May of 2016, as the 4th Annual Crawfish Festival will be underway.

This past weekend weekend was the heart warming Warriors Weekend. We owe these people more than we can ever repay.

On Saturday, May 23rd, will be the Annual Kid's Fishing Tournament for children 3-12 yrs., held at King Fisher Park & Beach, time is 9 a.m.-11 a.m.--all must register before beginning to fish, free bait will be furnished, trophies will be awarded for category winners. In 2014 there was over 60 children and looking forward to more this year. Beginning at 1 p.m. will be a Kite Contest. The kites can be bought or homemade. There will be categories for all ages, trophies also awarded. Looking forward for some breeze to make this event a beautiful thing.

If you have not seen the new pavilion, you must drive down to King Fisher Park, get out and walk down and enjoy what the Chamber has been working for the past 3 years, this would not be a reality if not for all that has given, time and money to make this a reality. Next Chamber meeting will be June 8th-6:30 p.m. in meeting room of POC Community Center. I know we have alot of newcomers in Port O'Connor, so come out and get involved with things going on. Give your ideas & suggestions.

In case you haven't been by King Fisher Park, this is picture of the old pavilion & new, which the Chamber has worked for the past 3 years to accomplish, still a few details to finish, but the community has pulled together in this effort and made it a reality, without everyone's efforts it would have been impossible, the smallest to the largest efforts is appreciated!!!! Hope everyone uses and enjoys the pavilion. Great for Birthdays, Reunions and family fun.

New and Renewed members 2015:

Mike & Peggy Macha
Unlimited Logos, LLC
Port O'Connor R.V.Park
Prokop Custom Homes, LLC
Joe & Vera Wiatt
POC Pirate Fishing, LLC
Scott & Kelly Wheat
Napa Auto Parts & Machine
Ron Elkins Guide Service
Alan & Robyn Roberts
Bugman of Weimar, Inc.
Josie's Mini Mart
Family Affair Creations/ Butler's Landing
Josie's Restaurant & Cantina/ Paradigm Diverisifeid
Coastal Bend Marine

-La June Pitonyak


Fishing Report - Late April 2015

In spite of relentless rain we are starting to see gradually more hungry behavior from the fish, unlike earlier in the month when there has been a lot of natural bait in the water preventing aggressive strikes on artificial bait. This is where a cast net will come in very handy if you don't get live shrimp, mullet, or croaker at any of the bait shops.

Black drum and redfish are fair to good at the big jetty on crabs. From POC southwest to Seadrift; trout and redfish are fair to good on the reefs in San Antonio Bay on live shrimp. Trout and redfish are fair for drifters working the back lakes with live shrimp. Trout and redfish are good at the POC jetty on croakers and mullet.


Chamber Chat - April 2015

OK, I hope you have finished or in the process of making plans for the 3rd Annual Crawfish Festival and Cook-off. But with 2 weeks left you still have time to get a vendors spot or sign up to be in cook-off and win the title of "WINNER" for 2015. The planning for this event is looking as if it's going to be the biggest and best, so get your sunscreen and bring the family to King Fisher Park on May 2nd and spend the day.

We will also be selling crawfish to the public --3 # crawfish, tater, and corn for $20 per plate. Then you can start planning on spending your time for Memorial Day at the park & beach on May 23rd. In morning will be the Free Kids Fishing Tournament, ages 3-12 and after lunch there will be a Kite Contest for all ages. Come with snacks, blankets and chairs for an old fashioned, relaxing family day.
Give us a call 361-983-2898

New and Renewed Memberships:
Bits & Margie Braudaway
Bob Bonar/State Farm
Roger & Karen Krause
First National Bank
Beacon 44 R.V. Park
Beacon 44 Seafood
Victoria Electric Cooperative
Sonny's Marine
Dolphin's by the Bay R.V. Park
Froggie's Bait & R.V.Park
Larry & Mary Vaughn
Mr. Doyle Adams
Stephen & Susan Gumina
Captain's Quarters Motel & Suites
Arnold & Keiko Gordon
Carol A.Fox
Jason & Jennifer Hagan
Mary Ann Claiborne
Rust & Chyrl Brhlik
Capt. Tom Horbey
Warrior's Weekend
Gary & Jane Madden
Coastal Boat Services
POC Rentals
The Dolphin Talk Newspaper
Commissioner Kenny Finser
Unlimited Logos, Inc.

Next meeting--6:30p.m.--POC Community Center--5-11-15

-La June


Port O'Connor Fishing Report - Early April 2015

The spring rhythm of conditions is starting to set in with high southerly or southeasterly winds that reach their peak at about 2-3pm every day. The best time to fish is always early while everything is feeding and the winds are calm. Partly cloudy days will still give you a sunburn (if not protected) but temperatures are perfect, and water levels are remaining medium-high.

Black drum and sheeps-head are still prevalent, and the blue crab are active - a tasty food source for both red and black drum species. Black drum and redfish are fair to good at the jetty on crabs. Trout and redfish are fair on soft plastics over sand and grass near Grass Island. Trout and redfish are fair for drifters working the back lakes with live shrimp.

-Alan Raby, Dolphin Kayak and Waterports LLC


Port O'Connor Fishing Report - Late-March

The weather has been great save for a shower here and there. Tide and water levels have been up to medium-high allowing us to reach several places that have been inaccessible the last several weeks. Winds have remained calm to breezy but not strong (except for the light norther on the 26th).

From West Matagorda Bay to Port O'Connor redfish are fair to good on the edge of Oyster Lake and at Shell Island on shrimp and crabs. Trout are fair on shell and grass on soft plastics while wading. Black drum and sheepshead are good at the jetty on crabs.

From Port O'Connor into San Antonio Bay trout are good on live shrimp over reefs. Trout and redfish are fair for drifters working the back lakes with live shrimp.

-Alan Raby, Dolphin Kayak and Waterports LLC


Chamber Chat - March 23rd, 2015

The Chamber has mailed out the 2015 Membership applications. If you didn't receive yours and want to get involved feel free to call-361-983-2898 or The application and payment options are also available online. If you have a business along with a website it can be linked with your business listing in our online Business Directory. Rotating Banners are also available for a one time yearly fee (see banners at header of our pages).

It's that time again, with Spring Break comes Fishing Tournaments, please contact us and let us know the date and name of your tournament, this information will be added to Chamber Event calendar. We are here to inform others of upcoming meetings or events.

The work on the new pavilion is coming along, as weather permits. April meeting will be on the 13th @ 6:30 p.m. in meeting room of POC Community Center.

New and Renewed Chamber Members:
Gerald & Virginia Lichac
Michael & Peggy Macha
Capt. Kirk Morgan
Carl Ray-Attorney at Law
Allan & Brigid Berge
Krenek Fence Co.
POC Hardware
Karen Knight, DDS & Gerald R. Clay
Jim Vass
Seigeler Insurance Agency, LLC
Back Bay Guide Service
Ann & Mitch Brownlee
Branding Works
Gary & Carolyn Garrison
American Inn & Suites
Shane & Katherine Simon
Texas Saltwater Fishing Magazine
Urban Surveying, Inc.
Central Drug
Marty's Landing/ Mama's Pizza
Charles Dullye
Tejas Propane

-LaJune Pitonyak


Port O'Connor Fishing Report - Mid-March

With the recent breaks in the rain and cold opportunities to go out and fish in good weather are becoming more frequent. The water is still just under 70 degrees, so some species will not move as actively for another few weeks yet.

That being said the red and trout are out there, but most especially sheeps-head which are delicious and can be easily caught with small fresh dead shrimp near rocks, shell, or posts.

From West Matagorda Bay to Port O'Connor trout are fair on shell and grass on soft plastics and topwaters. Black drum are fair to good at the jetty on crabs. From Port O'Connor south into Espiritu Santo and San Antonio Bay trout and redfish are fair on Gamblers and TTF Flats Minnows over soft mud in waist-deep water. Trout and redfish are fair for drifters working the mouths and drains of the back lakes with live shrimp.

-Alan Raby, Dolphin Kayak & Watersports LLC

If you would like to send us your own report or fishing pictures contact us!


Port O'Connor Fishing Report - Early March

Winter weather hangs on with a steady rhythm of northerlies that occur about every 10 days. The between times are becoming warmer. Tide and water levels remain low most of the time, which means the redfish are more likely to be found in isolated mudholes and flats during these low level periods.

In West Matagorda Bay redfish are fair to good on the south shoreline in the guts and bayous. Trout are fair in the guts on the incoming tide on Down South Lures, Bass Assassins and Soft-Dines. Sheepshead are good at the jetty on shrimp.

From Port O'Connor west trout and redfish are fair for drifters working the back lakes with live shrimp and topwaters. Redfish are good at the mouths of drains on Gulps and TTF Flats Minnows while wading.

We are due for another norther by the end of the first week of March. After that we should see more steady and predictable fishing weather.


Chamber Chat - Late February

With March coming up right around the corner Port O'Connor will be coming alive again. It's been a cold and very quite winter. I think things will begin picking up, with the warming of the weather.

If you know of someone graduating in 2015, please remind them, there are really quite a few scholarship available from organizations in our community. The Scholarship application should be available for pick up at Calhoun High School at Ms. Meyers office, at the end of this month and are to be returned completed by March 27, 2015. The Chamber gives one $500.00 Scholarship.

The Chamber is currently working on projects for 2015, these volunteers are striving to make upcoming events bigger & better than ever before. If you are interested in joining the community with their projects, please contact us. Plans for the new pavilion are coming together. Thought if you've not been to POC lately, you would enjoy these pictures as update.

The 2015 membership application will be in the mail in a couple weeks. If you prefer to pay dues online, go to and click on Join Chamber, fill out the application and pay with paypal or mail application with check. The Chambers new and updated website is now up and running , if you are a business member and have a listing on the Chamber website, please check your listing to make sure it is as you want it to be. If there is an issue, please do not hesitate to contact us to correct something. We are here to help you.

It's only a little over two months until the Annual Crawfish Cookoff & Festival, there is still need for more volunteers and if you want to be a vendor, the info is on our website and also there is a Facebook page.
Mark your calendar: May 2,2015 - 10 a.m.-7 p.m.

New & Renewed Members:
I apologize I had missed a couple of these in the past

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Cohen
Mr. & Mrs. Ricki Mc Kinney
Mr, & Mrs. Donald Goldman
Barnes Appraisal Service
All Season's Guide Service
Jack's Boat & Car Wash
Mid Coast Bay Charters
Port O'Connor Service Club
Lois W. Kolkhorst for State Representative

-La June Thompson Pitonyak


Crab Trap Cleanup - Feb 20th through March 1st February 2015

It's that time again, time to spend a beautiful Texas winter day on the bay collecting abandoned crab traps. The crabbing closure will be February 20-March 1. If the weather cooperates February 21 will be the target day for our consolidated effort. As in recent years Charlie's and the POC TPWD docks will be facilitated and have dumpsters. I will have gloves, tarps (donated by Coastal Bend Bays & Estuaries Program), and bottled water (donated by CCA) available at the site on Saturday, and at my office the Friday before. If anyone has any big plans for those locations (food, dance, tractor pull, etc) let me know and I'll alert everyone.

To date we have removed 9,942 abandoned traps from the San Antonio Bay system, and 31,237 coastwide since the program began in 2002. San Antonio Bay system has accounted for 32% of the traps removed coastwide and Galveston Bay system 40%.
For information contact

Norman Boyd
San Antonio Bay Ecosystem Leader
Texas Parks & Wildlife Department Coastal Fisheries Divsion
Phone 361-983-4425 ext 223


Spring Birding Season is Approaching! February 2015

Spring bird migrations will be upon us very soon. Every year we see two peaks in the birding season in Port O'Connor, one in fall and another in spring.

Port O'Connor is in the center of the Central Flyway for migratory birds. Many of the birds in this area are permanent year-round residents (like brown pelicans, herons, roseate spoonbills, and most ibis), while others are seen only in colder or winter months (white pelicans, whooping cranes, and duck species), or warmer summer months (laughing gulls, least terns, belted kingfishers). And then there are the migrants who mostly just pass through or make a stop on their way north or south (common terns, franklin's gull, several sandpipers etc).

Many species spotted here are Neartic-Neotropical migrants, meaning that they may migrate anywhere between North American and South America and spend a lot of (if not most of their lives) on the go. They roost, breed, and inhabit specific locations based on heritage and experience. A certain bird or family lineage of birds may stop to mate, roost, or feed repeatedly at Matagorda Island as an example. They may have been hatched at a specific location and return periodically, or simply remember the route as being favorable.

It can be said that having knowledge of bird species and bird behavior will make someone a better fisherman, hunter, and most certainly conservationist. Bird behavior and migration is highly dependent on the environment and the conditions there-in. Even us locals take avian behavior for granted - easy to do when you see these birds often. However when the details of their lives are learned a rich and complex world is revealed.

If you are interested in birding in Port O'Connor as the migratory season picks up there are several ways you can do this. You can either observe from a boat on the water, or you can visit specific locations reachable by car or walking. We have Boggy Bayou just north of town near 3rd street, which is an isolated inlet (popular for kayaking) surrounded by marsh, mangrove, and cord grass with a 'bird walk' in the center. This is a great area to spot many species. If you would like to bird from boat you can hire a local fishing guide (most of whom will be happy to customize your trip for birding), bring or rent a kayak, or use your own boat on a relatively calm day.

If you are inexperienced at birding it is very helpful to take a pocket birding guide-book (smart phones are too dark in the sun), perhaps a pencil to write down the species you sight, and a small pair of binoculars. Experienced birders should ask around. The local guides, fishermen, and some business owners can tell you when and how to get to the best birding areas. Our town also has a few frequent visitors or locals who are world class birding masters. Birding expands our awareness of the environment we enjoy from earth to sky.

-Alan Raby, Dolphin Kayak & Watersports LLC

Local Birding Resources -
Great Texas Coastal Birding Trails


Upcoming Crawfish Festival News January 2015

It's that time of year!!! Port O'Connor is getting ready for its 3rd Annual Crawfish Festival and Cook off, to be held on Saturday, May 2, 2015, from 10 am to 7 pm, at the King Fisher Park.

As you know, last year's event was a huge success, with an estimated 1400 in attendance. We expect this year's Crawfish Festival and Cook off to be even better!! Proceeds from this event will go toward improvements at King Fisher Park and other possible inprovements. The Chamber plans to incorporate many activities for all ages, including face painting, live music, craft and food vendors as well as the crawfish cook off.

We want to thank you again for participating last year as a vendor. In preparation for this year's event, we are first turning to our previous vendors to invite your participation. Booths spaces are 10x10, and are available for only $25. Vendors will need to provide their own tent and seating.

Please let us know as soon as possible if we can count on your continued support by joining us as a vendor. Attached is a Vendors application and terms for further details and instructions for payment. All applications will be accepted on a first come first serve basis.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me. I thank you again for all you do for our community and hope you will consider joining us.
Crawfish Fest 2015 Vendor App

-Darla Parker (event coordination)


Fishing Report January 2015

Early January has certainly seen it's share of rain, wind, and cold. Tide and water levels have been extremely low. The weather has recently broken to upper 60's and mild winds, projected to last for at least a little while. This past weekend some out of town sponsored fishing tournaments occured here making us all believe it was spring already.

In West Matagorda Bay redfish are fair to good on the south shoreline on shrimp. Trout are fair on shell and grass on soft plastics. Black drum are fair to good at the jetty on crabs. From Port O'Connor and southwest trout and redfish are fair on plastics over soft mud in San Antonio Bay. Trout and redfish are fair for drifters working the back lakes with live shrimp.


Chamber Chat - update January 2015

The Port O'Connor Chamber of Commerce accomplished a lot in 2014. These accomplishments would not have been possible without the caring people grouping together for the smallest chores to the largest, it takes all to pull off an event. So with 2015 now here, the Chamber will again need everyone's help and input of ideas. Also if you make a budget this time of year, please remember all the things the Chamber does for the community with no charge for all to enjoy. Our biggest event needing donation is the "Annual Fireworks Display" without donations this event would not be possible. If possible help us, no donation is too small or too large.

The 2015 officers:
President: Mary Jo Walker
Vice President: Donnie Klesel
Treasurer: Carolyn Garrison
Secretary: Darla Parker

"Annual Kids Fishing Tournament" along with "Annual Kite Contest" will be May 23rd, 2015. It's not to early to start making plans.


Chamber Chat January 2015

Wow!!! Here we are beginning new year. 2014 was a good year for Port O'Connor and the Chamber of Commerce is looking forward to even a better 2015. Starting the year off, from what I'v been told, the Duck Season has been fantastic and fishing has been normal for this time of year.

If you have an upcoming event for 2015, please get the information to the Chamber, so we can get the information on the website calendar and be able to keep up to date to give the information to the many inquiring phone calls we receive.

What we have so far in 2015,
Sunrise Service on King Fisher Beach, April 5th, 7 a.m.
POC Crawfish and Cook-Off Festival, May 2nd
Warriors Weekend, May 15th & 16th
Annual Fireworks Display, July 4th

The Chamber is asking anyone wanting to get involved with our community to volunteer their time and help when possible. Get out and get acquainted and meet your neighbors, make things happen.

If you want to contact POC Chamber 361-983-2898 email --, I am here to help answer your questions or put you in contact with someone who can.

Renewed Memberships:
Tigrett Real Estate
Vasquez Construction & Remolding


POC Christmas Lighting Results December 2014

Christmas lighting contest in Port O'Connor results!

Best Commercial - POC RV Park
Best Religious Theme - Garrison
Most Unique - Doggett
Best Christmas Theme - Harrdt
Most Spirit - Harborth
Most Colorful - Klein
Most Decorated - Washburn
Best Overall - Roberds

Picture courtesy of Sylvia Rodriguez


Chamber Chat December 2014

Not sure how 2014 has passed us by so fast . Monday the 8th was the last Chamber of Commerce meeting of the year, which is always the Annual Christmas Party & Election of directors for following year. If you couldn't make it this year, make sure to put this on your calendar for 2015. The Chamber wants to say "THANK YOU" to everyone that helped to make this meeting and party such a success, whether it be decorating, furnishing snacks, and other chores that made everything come together along with everyone that attended. Also the Chamber appreciates everyone that put their name on ballot for election of directors for 2015. The directors are the glue that holds the Chamber together, the volunteers are Beverly Clifton, Darla Parker, Laurie Junek, Sylvia Rodriguez, Mary Jo Walker, Donnie Klesel, Donna Vuichard, Carolyn Garrison, Ann Brownlee and Donny Haynes.
In Photo---Back row---Beverly Clifton, Darla Parker, Donnie Klesel--Front row--Laurie Junek, Sylvia Rodriguez, Mary Jo Walker, Donna Vuichard & Carolyn Garrison--not pictured is Ann Brownlee & Donny Haynes--

At the January meeting these directors will announce the officers for 2015. January meeting will be on the 12th, at 6:30 p.m.--Port O'Connor Community Center.

New Members:
The Treasure Chest
Leon & Kathryn Brown
Ron & Shirley Elliott
Ladd & Petra Hockey
My Sister and Me Cleaning
Mr. & Mrs. Barrientes
Margaret Claiborne
Larry & Sharilyn Carroll

Be sure to look for our local businesses, new and old, in our Business Directory!

-La June


Hunting and Fishing Report November 2014

At face value it may seem that the weather is a deterrent for the average Texas Coast visitor. For duck hunting the weather is exactly what is needed to bring the ducks to us in Port O'Connor. Duck season is in full swing! In late October and earlier this month many people were gathering palm fronds to fix up their duck blinds on the bay, and there are many.
Photo by April n Pat Ragusine

Air boats are a popular choice of duck hunting craft, and almost every morning before dawn one or two can be seen heading out, but usually heard with a reverberating buzz. Species spotted include Pintail, Widgeon, Teal, Canvasback, Redheads, Bufflehead, and Bluebills. The rain has not been much of a deterrent for hard core duck hunters, who find a 'window' between showers or storms to buzz out and hunt.

There has not yet been any slow down to fishing due to weather whatsoever. All types of fishing, whether from a pole skiff, kayak, or simple wade fishing, have been very fruitful. This past October has been our most successful month for trout and redfish, and the October Red rush is continuing right into November. Trout and redfish are fair on Corkies over soft mud in waist-deep water. Trout and redfish are fair for drifters

Report by Texas Parks and Wildlife and Alan Raby of Dolphin Kayak


Chamber Chat November 2014

There has been an abundance of building in all areas of POC. A few new businesses has also sprung up. I'v seen more people coming into our community than ever before. Some residents do not like this but in order for Port O'Connor to survive it's a must. In the years I have lived here , I'v seen many changes, in the 60's there was oil businesses, shrimping and oystering to keep businesses going, then the oil business moved down the coast, then due to the change in laws, no one could make a living shrimping or oystering. As of now we depend on tourism to keep this community alive. This seems to be our last resource and this is making our community a wonderful place to live and visit.
This photo is when the massive cold front hit us last week on King Fisher Beach by Lajune

The Chamber is made up of volunteers. Always looking for more help and ideas. If you would like to become a member go to or give us a call.
Looking forward to seeing everyone at Annual Christmas Party & Meeting on December 8th. You do not have to be a member to attend this event. Come out and meet your neighbors. New directors for 2015 election will also be held, you must be a member to vote or be a director.

New Members:
2 R Guide Service
Steve Ferguson
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Barry
Scales & Tales Guide Service

Be sure to look for our local businesses, new and old, in our Business Directory!

-La June


News, Chamber Chat, and Fishing Report October 2014

Chamber Chat

Seems it's to soon to even think about Christmas, but certainly not so. (Mr. Joe Wiatt has brought to our attention), that the past couple years he and his volunteers have placed Christmas trees and Crosses in King Fisher Park. This year the decoration date for the Tree Forest will be Tuesday, November 18th at 10 a.m. at park. The rain dates will be Wednesday 19th or Thursday, 20th. There will be 8 trees and 3 crosses, requiring 6 to 8 volunteers. If you can be of help, please email or call 713-446-7061, leave your name and contact information and Joe will respond to you.

Renewed Member-
Allen and Laurie Junek
- La June

Other News:
KF Beach Pavilion: Now that funds for the new King Fisher Beach pavilion are secured, design plans and location for the structure is now being decided upon before construction goes forward.

Weather: Aside from some moderate north winds and scattered light showers, weather here has been mild and pleasant with gradually cooling water temperatures (now in the mid to upper 70's).

Tourism: For many October and early November is a coveted time of year. There are not weekend crowds in the same way as summer, and although there is sometimes high boat traffic in the weekend 'fisherman's rush hours' before dawn and from 11am into early afternoon, things stay quiet. The restaurants and bars are still staying moderately busy. Most visitors to our town are thoroughly familiar with the local venue this time of year. There are a few snow-birds starting to come into town but to a small degree.

Birding: This is the best time of year for heavy birding adventures. You will see more species of migratory birds taking advantage of our bay system before they continue their travels south than any other location on the gulf coast, and possibly the continent. The winter birds are arriving and setting up their roosts here for the long-term, until spring.

Fishing Report
This is the time to catch red fish, bull reds, and black drum. Tide levels have remained high, but also are beginning to fluctuate more due to occasional shifts of the wind from the north.

Redfish are good in the back lakes on shrimp and mullet. Bull redfish are good at the jetty on crabs, mullet and shad. Trout are fair on plastics around shell in Ayres Bay.


Fishing Report September 2014

Every day for the last week there has been thunderstorms in the area. Half of the the time they just miss us, but almost every day there has been some rain.

There have been some weak fronts; the winds have mostly been a variation of east, meaning that water levels have been high since the water is being pushed into the bay. With high tides we are able to get into many back-bayous and flats that are not normally accessible.

Bull reds seem to be caught a little more frequently than usual, even several were caught at the pier on King Fisher Beach. This may be due to lots of water and current flowing into Matagorda Bay from the gulf.

Bull redfish are good in the surf and at the jetty on natural baits. Trout and redfish are fair for drifters working the back lakes with live shrimp.

Pic - Desiree Barnett with her first Bull Redfish caught and released at POC.

Fishing report brought to you by TPWD and Dolphin Kayak & Watersports .


Chamber Chat September 2014

If you should go to King Fisher Beach, hopefully you will notice the new grills at the cabanas, these were purchased by the Port O'Connor Chamber, "Thanks" to Joe Wiatt for overseeing the installation of these.

When Mary Jo Walker became President of the Chamber, her ultimate goal was to see the old pavilion, replaced by a new modern facility. It's taken many hours of work from many volunteers & Mary Jo but its getting close to becoming a reality.

Here we are in the middle of September, 2014 is passing right on by. The Chamber has a couple more events this year. December 6th will be the Lighted Boat Parade, house & business lighting contest date will be announced at a later date. The Christmas party will be held on December 8th, at the Sanctuary, Thank you Laurie Junek for taking on this project.

Renewed Members:
Stringo Guide Service
Lowtide Guide Service

October meeting will be on the 13th,hope to see you,6:30 p.m POC Community Center

-La June


Fishing Report Early September 2014

Due to the recent storm activity in the gulf the water levels have been up to a foot and a half higher than average. This means we have the ability to get into lots of places we wouldn't normally be able to - the same applies to the large redfish. The keeper reds are now everywhere taking advantage of the new food sources on flats where there previously was little to no water.

Flounder are also being caught in greater number on shrimp, especially in the areas where there is a muddy bottom. With the spontaneous cloud cover lately the trout and redfish are often found more shallow than usual.

Trout and redfish are fair on live bait over sand, grass and shell in San Antonio Bay. Trout and redfish are fair for drifters working sand and grass with live shrimp. Trout are fair in the surf and at the jetty on croakers and shrimp when the wind allows.

Pic - Mary Craig of Bastrop, TX catches a nice flounder while kayak fishing in Boggy Bayou.

Fishing report brought to you by TPWD and Dolphin Kayak & Watersports .


Chamber Chat August 2014

Seems only a few weeks ago everyone was waiting for school to be out for the summer. Now that time has come and gone. With the 2nd. Annual "Labor Day Beach Bash" right around the corner, coming August 30th, check out details at --This will end the summer events sponsored by the Port O'Connor Chamber of Commerce.

There have been several events to raise funds for a new pavilion on King Fisher Beach, If you are not aware of this, there is a layout of new pavilion and upgrades to area posted on the bulletin board at the local post office. The people involved in working these events, have put in many hours and a lot of labor, to raise funds for this upgrade for the community to enjoy. Come out and enjoy and support a family day at the beach, enjoy the games, vendors, music and don't forget the sun screen!!!!

New & Renewed Members -- 2014:

Warrior's Weekend
Hustler Marine
Mike & Beverly Clifton
Scott & Kelly Wheat
S&J R.V. Park & Storage Lot
Sylvia's Hair Salon
J. Jordan Properties
Reel Fishing Guide Service
Dolphin Kayak & Water Sports, LLC
Have a Safe Time in POC


The Port O'Connor Paddling and Kayak Community Thrives July & August 2014

For several years now we have been seeing ever more kayaks and canoes being brought into Port O'Connor. These are mostly to provide an alternative form of fishing for those who do not own or care to mess with a powered boat. Sometimes the attraction of paddle sports in and of itself is enough to give up the power boat, even if only for a morning.

The kayak and paddle community in Port O'Connor and Seadrift has been touch and go with no real foundation until recently. San Antonio Bay Partnership and Dolphin Kayak have begun a series of eco-tours from kayaks (canoes are welcome as well); the funds from which go towards conservation and education efforts, especially to the expansion and improvement of the Port O'Connor Paddle Trails.

The improvements include maintenance of markers, the expansion and designation of official kayak launches, and publication of paddling information. Currently funding has been approved to install an information kiosk at the Port O'Connor Jetties which will show the paddle trails and provide ecology information. Other launch locations (such as the end of 16th street and possibly Boggy Bayou) are also planned for improvement in the future.

The paddle community that is forming consists of locals, regular visitors, and their friends. They are all ages, equal parts men and women, and spanning the spectrum of experience levels from new convert to instructor level. Most have their own kayaks, some borrow a friend's or rent one at a reduced price when these events take place. The paddlers share their knowledge, compare boats and gear, and engage in excellent conversation both while paddling or relaxing with a drink after a long paddle.

The three events that have taken place so far (the last being an introduction to coastal kayaking into Barroom Bay) have all gone extremely well and resulted in new-found friends and a broader paddling experience. Future paddle events are scheduled to take place with a frequency of no less than once a month.

For more information about upcoming paddle events contact Alan Raby of Dolphin Kayak (936.553.1521), or Allan Berger of San Antonio Bay Partnership (713.829.2852).

* Chamber members please feel free to submit pictures or articles if you have community relevant news or stories to our web administrator. (


Fishing Report July & August 2014

Most bay fishing started out slow this July but has recently began to pick-up. As of August Trout and redfish are fair on topwaters and live bait over sand, grass and shell near Pass Cavallo. Trout and redfish are fair at the mouths of the back lakes on the outgoing tide. Offshore is good for ling and kingfish. A few tarpon have been showing at the jetty. Trout are good in the surf. The large redfish ARE certainly present and biting on the flats when they are spotted - great opportunities for sight-fishing.

This report brought to you by Dolphin Kayak & Watersports; and Texas Parks and Wildlife.


Nogo for POCO! July 2014

Although the inshore version of the Poco Bueno went on as planned, the spectacle that is the offshore version was cancelled due to bad weather, and the event organizers did not want to risk the event for insurance purposes.
This video seems to be from the POV of a disgruntled sports fisherman with either a drone-camera aircraft or a helicopter following one of the larger boats:


Chamber Chat July 2014

The "Annual Fireworks Display" on King Fisher Beach was the "BIGGEST & BEST" ever. I've never before seen so many people in Port O'Connor to enjoy this. 'THANKS" to everyone that made this event so enjoyable and possible.

The Chamber is already working on the next event on the calendar, which is the "Labor Day Beach Bash" ( Larry Jo Taylor) August 30,2014. If you was a business member in 2013,but have not renewed for 2014. Please remit your dues by August 1,2014 or you will be removed from website. I know everyone is so busy that things are overlooked. If you aren't sure if you've paid give me a call 361-983-2898.
Web Admin's Note: We WANT your pictures of this event! Please feel free to send any you have to so we can display them for you!

New & Renewed Members

Froggie's Bait Dock
Branding Works Ltd.
Johnny Holland
Kathryn Brown/ POC Country Club
Mark & Sally Barnes
Mark & Rena Mohr
Captain Tom Horbey
Donald & Carolyn Goldman

Have a Wonderful & Safe time in POC--


Record Fish Caught! June 2014

Joseph Beaver, 28, of Victoria, shows off his Texas record-setting fish. Beaver caught the red snapper on June 1 and weighed 39 pounds and had a girth of 40 inches. See Full Story here!


Chamber Chat June 2014

The Chamber of Commerce is proud to say that the “Annual Kid’s Fishing Tournament was a great success in 2014. There was over 60 children entered, fun was had by all and each child received a Chamber t-shirt. The Kite Contest was also enjoyed by all. Thanks goes out to all the volunteers that made these events possible.
The Chamber is loosing Mrs. Donna Pyle, she has been a great asset to the Chamber, for the past couple years, she has diligently been the Treasurer, along with organizing and putting hours of work into working events sponsored by the Chamber. Again “THANKS” Donna for all your work, the Chamber will miss you.
Looking forward to the “Biggest & Best ” Annual Fireworks Display on King Fisher Beach on July 5th, with display beginning at Dark thirty.
The 2014 membership applications were put in the mail in early March, it’s been 3 months. If you want to remain on— —please remit your application and dues within the next 30 days. If you need an application contact 361-983-2898.
July meeting will be held on the 14th, 6:30 p.m. in the meeting room of the Port O’Connor Community Center.

New & renewed memberships:

Josie’s Mexican Food Restaurant & Cantina
Mitch & Ann Brownlee
Family Affair Creations/Butler’s Landing
BB Upholstery, LLC
Tom & Pat Ekstrom
Coastal Safaris Guide Service


Chamber Chat May 2014
The 2nd Annual Crawfish Fest has been a terrific success. The Chamber wants to "THANK" everyone that attended, supported and volunteered, making this event the hit that it has become. Just a year ago, a new pavilion on King Fisher Beach was in the discussion phase and now is beginning to become a reality, this community has always been known to come together when getting projects accomplished. This is another fine example of what can be accomplished once an idea is set in motion.

Now make plans for a full day at the beach on May 24th, beginning with the "Annual Kids Fishing Tournament" 9-11 p.m. - ages 3-12 - must register before beginning to fish, this event is free and bait will be furnished. Bar-B-Q cookoff on beach sponsored by Chris Ragusin Tournament. At 1 p.m. "Annual Kite Contest" - all ages welcome, homemade and bought kites will be entered. So bring your sunscreen, chairs, and blankets to enjoy a wonderful day on the beach!!

New and renewed members -
Krenek Fence Co.
Mr. & Mrs. Leroy Taylor
Sonny's Marine
Jimmy & Barbara Crouch
La June Pitonyak
Arnold & Keiko Gordon
Cliff Blank Rental
Inn at Clark's
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Doyle
Capt. G's
See you at meeting - June 9th 6:30 p.m. POC Community Center


Crawfish Festival Huge Success! May 4th, 2014

The 2nd Annual Crawfish festival on May 3rd was an astounding success! Mary Jo Walker (chamber president) estimated three times the size and success of last years event!

The winners if the 2nd annual crawfish cook off were:
Best crawfish –1st place
Cavallo coastal cookers
2nd place
Boggy boilers
3rd place
Bubbling Bugs

Best wildcard dish
1st place
Back Porch cookers
2nd place
Shucking Crew II
3rd place
Teresa’s Chicks & crawfish

Best Decorated booth
1st place
The Spicy Shack
2nd place
Teresa’s chicks & crawfish
3rd place
The double DD’s

The most spirited groups were the shuckin crew I & shuckin crew II

Thank you to all who participated it was a blast


Chamber Chat April 2014

The Chamber wants everyone to know, whether you are an individual or a business, you are special and appreciated for joining and getting involved in the community of Port O’Connor. Without you and your input and support there would be no Chamber.

The 2nd Annual Crawfish Festival will have come and gone before the Dolphin Talk comes out again. Proceeds from this event is to make improvements on King Fisher Beach. Also make plans for Memorial Day Events—May 24th–The Annual Kids Fishing Tournament begins at 9 a.m.–11 a.m. for more info call 361-983-2898, after lunch the Annual Kite Contest begins, bring sunscreen, blankets, chairs and spend an old fashioned family day on the beach!!!

The May meeting will be May 12th —If you joined since last Dolphin Talk and your name is not here, please contact the Chamber —Have a wonderful and safe time in POC–
I am sorry if I received your membership after I turned in the Chamber Chat you will be in May’s Dolphin.

New & Renewed Memberships—

Port O’Connor R.V. Park
Herbert & Adell Reeves
Dolphin of the Bay R.V. Park
Mr. & Mrs. Kenny Finster
The Dolphin Talk Newspaper
Amanda Raby
Jim Vass
American Inn & Suites
Prokop Custom Homes, LLC
Larry & Virginia Robertson
Mary Ann Claiborn
Back Bay Guide Service
Port O’Connor Rentals
Bits & Marge Braudaway
Siegeler Insurance Agency, Inc.
Gerald Clay & Karen Knight DDS
Middleton Outdoor, LLC
Bill & Donna Pyle
Capt. Kirk Morgan Guide Service
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Gumina
Alan & Robyn Roberts
Marty’s Landing
Mama’s Kitchen
Foxco International
Ron Elkins Guide Service
Bubba’s Smoked Meat
Bugman, Inc.
Roger & Karen Krause
Delmar Krenek
Rusty & Chyrl Brhilek
Mike & Peggy Macha
Shane & Katherine Simon
Frances Alexander
Diamond B Lodge, LLC
Jason & Jennifer Hagan
Mark & Lisa Cruell
Kelly Parks Guide Service
Victoria Electric Coop.
Central Drug
First National Bank
POC Hardware
Henry & Jane Pongratz
Beacon 44 Seafood Market
Beacon 44 R.V. Park
Steven & Amy Osina
Coastal Bend Marine
Charles Dullye
Urban Surveying, Inc.
Hammertime Guide Service
NAPA Auto Parts & Machine Co.
Johnny & Charlyn Sciacca
Bob Bonar/State Farm Ins.
Larry & Mary Vaughn
Drumrunner Lodge
Poco Loco Lodge
Gary & Jane Madden
Bernie Klein
Texas Saltwater Fishing Magazine
Carl Ray Storage Barn
Carl Ray/ Attorney
G & W Engineers, Inc.
Naomi Albrecht
Virgil & Ursula Price
The Two R.V. Park
Donnie Haynes

-written by La June T Pitonyak


Fishing Report April 2014

The fishing trend that is developing this past week is a very strong bite on plastics along the scattered shell and grass lines here is Port O'Connor. Still have customers buying top water baits and catching a few larger trout out of their stringer on those baits. The Mule Slough area has had good numbers of trout being caught this past weekend. Also Pringle Lake was good with the plastic shrimp variety under a cork drifting for both reds and trout alike.

The croaker season is coming upon us very soon and the bite will be slow at first till the trout move back into the frantic mode of protecting their nests.

"Top 3 Baits This Week" (Savage 3D Shrimp - Norton Sand Shad - Paul Brown Original #15 )

Savage 3d Shrimp

Norton Sand Shad

Original Paul Brown #15

This fishing report brought to you by: POC Rod & Gun
-Donnie Kieseal

Further Notes:
The recent oil spill last week has not affected Matagorda Bay itself, and oil clumps are being cleaned from the gulf-beach side of the southern portion of the island. This means our prized bay system and ecology should be unaffected. For the latest update please see:

Also, an algae bloom has impacted oyster and shellfish season on the Texas coast; oyster season will be ending early. For further reading please see:
This article.


Fishing Report March 2014

The prevalent south winds are finally beginning to return with some consistency bringing clean blue waters into the bay again from the gulf and the beginnings of our normal spring water levels, and the weather, other than some fog, is becoming very pleasant.

The black drum run is underway! Larger drum are easily caught with crab or crab chunks in places like Michell’s Cut and the Big Jetties. And sheep’s head; lots and lots of sheep’s head, caught on smaller shrimp as they like to nibble on small bait.

The trout and red fish are running as well, however for the most part along the lakes and shorelines on the bay-side of Matagorda Island. Numerous red fish are reported in Fish Pond, Pringle Lake, and several areas along the barrier island shorelines.

Finally, there are reports of Bull Reds moving through Pass Cavallo and the big jetties.

Additionally; the crab trap cleanup is going on. This is a volunteer and TPWD effort to remove all abandoned crab traps in the bay while crabbing closes for about two weeks.

The fish are starting to move, artificial baits or live are both working well, and fresh dead too with no pin perch or piggy perch active this time of year! Check your tide charts here to plan strategy!

-Report Courtesy of Randy at The Fishing Center

If you are a guide or regular fishermen, please feel free to send your own reports and pictures; we would LOVE to post them! Contact or !


Chamber Chat March 2014

Here we are into March, the 2014 membership applications have been mailed, if you would like to become a member of the Port O'Connor Chamber of Commerce and have not received an application, just call 361-983-2898, or go to; on right side click on Membership Form; fill out form and pay online.

Now is the time to get involved in upcoming events for 2014. The 2nd. Annual Craw-Fish Festival on May 3rd., 10 a.m. until 7 p.m., is shaping up. Also available on website, purchase your crawfish plate and print ticket ahead of time. If you are a vendor, reserve your 10x10 area for $25.00 as soon as possible. Contact for info on vendors. Profit from this event will go toward improvements to King Fisher Beach.

Next meeting will be April 14th, 6:30 p.m. in meeting room of Port O'Connor Community Center.
Renewal of Memberships:
Judge Nancy Pomykal
Larry & Mary Vaughn
Gary & Jane Madden
Poco Loco Lodge
Bill & Donna Pyle
Bernie Klein
-written by La June T Pitonyak


Chamber Chat February 2014

Before the next Dolphin Talk comes out, the 2014 membership applications should be in the mail.

The Chamber has acquired a great asset in 2014. For the past 3 years I have attempted to keep and Facebook page up to date. Alan Raby is now aboard with knowledge of computers to bring us up to date, there will now be available Banners and more to offer our members, more options of advertising of businesses. You can check out the website and see the improvements.

Everyone is getting geared up for upcoming events, if you want to get involved in the 2014 events, please attend the next meeting on March 10th in meeting room of the POC Community Center at 6:30p.m. We are looking for volunteers and suggestions. The more people involved the more that can be accomplished.

-written by La June T Pitonyak