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Port O’Connor has as many varieties of fishing opportunities as you will find anywhere. Its close proximity to the Gulf provides excellent fishing for red snapper, king, ling and jack fish, plus deep water fishing for sailfish, marlin, tuna, dolphin and wahoo. With the largest and deepest bay system on the Texas Gulf Coast, Port O’Connor has much more to offer to the avid sports fisherman. Favorite fishing spots include Matagorda Bay, Espiritu Santo Bay and San Antonio Bay. These pristine waterways are full of redfish (red drum), black drum, trout, shark, flounder, pompano, gafftop, whiting, croaker, sheeps-head, jack crevalle, Spanish mackerel, and others. Most impressive is the “silver king” of inshore game fish, the tarpon.

See Map This bay system has the best natural passes or entries to the Gulf of Mexico on the Texas coast. These include the famous Pass Cavallo, and the Matagorda Ship Channel Jetties (Big Jetties). Pass Cavallo was historically the only natural deep water pass on the Texas Gulf Coast. Pass Cavallo is renowned for being one of the best tarpon and shark fishing spots in the county during the summer and fall months. The tidal flows in the pass are swift. The variable bottom tends to channel the water into the “guts” where the fish will congregate to catch the bait fish being swept in or out of the bay. Unlike Corpus Christi Bay or other Texas bays that are huge expanses of water with little tidal movement, the local bays have a greater degree of tidal movement where fishermen can catch fish as they come in from or go back to the Gulf. However, the shoals in the pass change continuously with the tidal flows. For safety reasons, anglers should make sure there is someone on the boat who is familiar with the area.

Kayak Fishing
Kayak Fishing the Back Bay system, Photo Courtesy of Dolphin Kayak

In addition to the bay and gulf, the local area includes undeveloped estuaries: Powderhorn Lake, Coloma Creek, Pringle Lake and Conti Lake. Pringle and Conti offer shallow water wade fishing with an average of a foot-and-a-half to three feet of water. These estuaries have good grass bottoms where shrimp and fish live.

POC Fishing
Kids Fishing in Port O’Connor

Along the beautiful, unspoiled beaches around Port O’Connor, fishermen find excellent places to wade and surf fish. When weather becomes too rough, fishermen can still go to Espiritu Santo Bay, Boggy Bayou, the little jetties, or the fishing pier in Port O’Connor where the protected areas offer a safe haven.

Port O’Connor offers several bait docks, many places to acquire a license and fishing guides to help you find the most productive fishing spots.

Every summer Port O’Connor plays host to a variety of bay and offshore fishing tournaments. A typical summer opens with the Port O’Connor Offshore Tournament (POOT) targeting king mackerel, ling and dolphin headquartered at The Fishing Center. June is also the host month of the Pescado Grande tournament. July tournaments include the Cula Roja, Victoria Home Builders and Poco Bueno. Poco Bueno is the number one offshore tournament in Texas. August is the month for the Muske Tournament and the American Business Women’s Association La Pesca Chica. La Pesca Chica organizers raise funds for community projects. The Fishing Center also sponsors several offshore one-day or weekend tournaments throughout the year.

Early May 2016 Fishing Report

Water levels are higher this time of year due to prevailing southeast winds pushing the water into the gulf. Water temps are finally approaching 80 degrees. It has been very windy, however the fishing has been good everywhere!
Picture left is on the edge of Pringle Lake looking south towards Matagorda Island

Both red and black species of drum are hungry for crab at the big jetties, live shrimp or mullet for reds on the POC Jetties. Trout are biting over shell and grass on soft plastics. Most of the trout and redfish are being caught easily in waist deep water.

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Upcoming Fishing Tournaments

Attention - If you have information aboout a fishing tournament in Port O'Connor please feel free to contact us!

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