Fishing and Hunting

Fishing Port O’Connor

Port O’Connor is “the BEST” area to fish on the Texas Gulf Coast.  Port O’Connor offers various year round options for inshore and offshore fishermen, including kayakers.  With easy access to Espiritu Santo Bay, Matagorda Bay, San Antonio Bay and Matagorda Island serving as a barrier island, Port O’Connor provides numerous options for bays, back lakes, jetties, passes, sloughs and the surf.

Winter Duck Hunting Season

Hunting Port O’Connor

The bays in the Texas Coastal Bend are ideal for Central Flyway ducks during the winter. Roughly 14 different species of ducks can be seen flying overhead during the winter months. These include Redhead, Widgeon, Pintail, Gadwall, and Teal. Due to the lateness in the season the most beautiful plummage can be seen on these birds. The marshes around Port O’Connor are a great source of exciting duck hunting action. Check our guide section to find the right fit for your next trip.