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Donn Stringo Advocare

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The Fishing Doc

(979) 676-9362

As a fisherman myself, I understand that time on the water is precious commodity. No angler wants their trip ruined by a four or five hour emergency room ordeal. Most trips to the ERs are likely things that can be handled in a typical outpatient clinic by an experienced practitioner. Fish hooks, filet knives, early infections, simple musculoskeletal injuries are acute illnesses and injuries that are easily and best treated with early intervention, which improves long term outcomes. This is where The Fishing Doc” steps in. With over 20 years of practice as a physician assistant, my experience in medicine and surgery has been broad but intense and has given me the experience and wisdom to know when a higher level of care is needed. My “clinic” is on wheels, so I come to you to treat minor illnesses and injuries. This shortens the time between the injury and treatment. I am able to treat hangovers, seasickness, lacerations, acute illness (strep throat, ear infections, etc.) remove fishhooks, and more. Although you may be used to removing a hook on your own, we can ensure that it is pain-free as well as lower your risk of infection. I discovered POC in 2007 literally by pure luck of the draw and have returned many times each year since and watched the town grow. Consistently during that time there has never been access to medical services for acute problems. I decided that in 2018 I would try to change things. You can reach me by phone at (979)67-MYDOC for a free consultation. I will let you know if I am able to assist you, or if you should seek a higher level of care in another setting. As I still practice orthopaedic surgery, my time in POC will currently be on the weekends. When I am in town, I am available for patients 24 hours a day. You can find my availability on Facebook as well as reach out by text or phone call.